Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fan of a Liver

Back to blogging and getting some of my work done. I just finished school, first and last year of college ha. On to my new life of making toys and working full time?
Only my mom would get a mother's day card this hideous. I love you mom thanks for all your love and support for my ugly drawings! :D
feelin blue lately
I worked on some text paintings for my Research final. These are enamel on wood.
Set up for crit. These are all names of independent restaurants near me. I know they are too good to be true!
This is what my dorm looked like the last week of school. Finally moved out, I'll miss my room mate and the few good friends I made in college blah blah
My college experience.
Now buy me mushroom suit man.
Other news
-I leave for my trip to Haiti in 9 days.
-Looking for a full time job when I get back
-Saving up for SDCC and buying resin supplies.
Expect some new work and figures soon, also going to change the look of the blog soon. Also look for more pictures of Drake and other modern hip-hop artist
Love Steven

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