Sunday, August 29, 2010

Steven Erst Updates:

Always falling behind on my updates, but life is been good lately. Here's some photos of what's going on, and what's to come. For Liver Diet Nation.

Toxic Catalyst
Here are some photos from the Toxic Catalyst show curated by Montre Hero and hosted at Super 7.

The show looked great, and I can't thank Cliff, Sean and anyone who bought my pieces means the world to me.

Now that this is months old I'm just gonna post some pictures of whatelse is going on. More art and projects coming up stay tuned please!
I adopted Sammie, he's 3 years old and adorable
My desk right now
Got to do some window paintings for a show at College in the Loop
The windows were on the second floor, you could see them great from the L-train, it was pretty awesome.
The most expensive thing I ever bought.

much more to come now that I am caught up with my life!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Toxic Catalyst

I'm a little behind on this post, but I am honored to announce that I will be a part of the resin group show at Super 7, this Saturday Aug. 21. I cannot thank Cliff and Sean enough for seeing something in my work that made them want me to be a part of the show, but it's great. It's amazing to be able to show with all the guys that got me into resin figures.
sadly my name didn't make it on the post card, but look at this line up!
Was rushing to finish my three customs. Here they are sitting on my desk the night before I shipped them out.
you're welcome
Gus is hurting all your toys feelings.
My pieces for the show.
Frozen Pizza (man)...get it.
Black Metal Gus says "eat shit"
Sassy Gus with a whole lot of attitude duh

The photos made it on to the Super 7 facebook today and also Toy Bot Studios, thanks to everyone posting the pictures. I hope you like them. If they don't sell tomorrow night they will be on sale in the Super 7 shop shortly after. I'll post a link to them when they go up.

I hope to post photos from the show and links to buy the toys soon. So keep watch

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Gus

Gus made it out to San Diego with me. I handed out a few of him at Comic Con and of course I wish I took pictures of everyone holding him but I totally forgot. But John Spanky Stokes posted a nice picture of his on his blog. So here's a few more pictures of him now that he is revealed.
Gus Knuckles
Gus made it to San Diego, he loves catching some rays
Flying Gus
I'm waiting to get all my tools to air brush this guy but I was going crazy not knowing what he would look like painted. So I just went at him with every kinda of paint I had. He doesn't look great but I must admit he looks pretty creepy. The picture above proves my point.
Spray paint feet.
Secret 1 off release!
Goes home with Kev... since he is on the special Brother guest list.
And I cleaned my new studio :) Don't mind the gameboy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Liver Diet at Comic Con 2010

I was lucky enough to make the trip to SDCC this year. I bought my tickets so long ago I kept forgetting I was even going. The event was really great, I got to talk to a ton of great artists, hand out some of my toys, made a few new friends and spent a big stack of money I had saved up.
I was really bad at taking pictures, since there was so much going on but thankfully my brother got some good ones so here's some of my favorite photos.
Day one, after waiting a few hours in different lines to get in, the first place I headed was to the grasshut booth! It was really great meeting Bwana and Le Merde, I'm a big fan them so it was great talking about their work.
Lots of Merde!
Wish I picked these guys up, all of Mike's vinyl customs sold
Martin's customs
Sunday Arbito and Le Merde released these resin cars
Gargamel customs
New Dethra looked great.
Zag head custom
Picked up David Choe's new book.
Jackie and her man
Pumped for day 2 haha
Early Friday Mark Nagata from Max Toy Co. was showing at Rotofugi. Mark was a super nice guy, I ended up buying a custom Tripus. These things looked amazing.
My first look at Paul Kaiju's Boss Carrion figure.
We sat in this patch of grass at least once a day. Here we saw David Choe walk by, we just stared at him instead of being nice and saying "Hi"
Burger Buns and I being nervous.
Zombie Burger Buns
Mini Sean putting on a concert in the grass.
Normal comic con stuff.
Normal comic con stuff.
Normal comic con stuff.
great food deals.
Also got to meet long time online friends and ultimate resin duo MonstreHero. They showcased at the Onell crossover booth Friday and Saturday.
Monstre Head
Cliff and Sean brought a ton of awesome work. The Onell booth was a huge hit, and was definitely my favorite booth at SDCC
By Saturday i was a little worn out by all the SDCC madness, but I woke up early one more time to catch Paul's release of his first vinyl figure Boss Carrion. Ended up hitting the ATM so I could purchase one of these guys. I picked up a standard release but this photo shows some of his amazing hand paints. Complete with magnetic baby!
Here is my expensive haul from SDCC. It was worth every penny. I'd like to Thank Lamour for meeting up with me and selling me that bootleg before his signing. It was a big want of mine and it looks amazing. He was also a really nice guy and even showed me an awesome new project he's working on. Also a big thanks to John Spanky Stokes and Cliff & Sean. Thanks for being so nice to me and introducing me to some other people. You guys definitely made my trip to Comic Con worth it.

Also a big thanks to my girlfriend Jackie, although i didn't MAKE her come she decided she wanted to with me. She never really understands why I collect and spend so much money but she also had a blast and put up with all the madness with me. She even said she wants to go next year!
Ugly Doll love
"please get me out of here"