Saturday, April 24, 2010

Liver's on the move...

I've been pretty behind on blogging, not much is going on right now trying to finish up school. Then my whole life goes in reverse...moving back in my dad's house and working as much as I can to save up for supplies to make some new figures and save for Comic Con. No more school for me. oh well Fuck it, here's a bunch oh cool stuff to look at!
The old people candy...that I love oh so much
some doodles cut from note books
Where dreams come true
Inspiration...These signs are suppose to be references for a painting for school.
My food supply for the next 3 weeks of school. I think I ate the raviolis since this photo.
Wed. night Rotofugi posted that Alex Pardee and Dave Correia would be at the shop trading sketches. I was really excited for this event!
So I took my doodles and made a few more quick ink drawings...
And made these doodle packs for them!
The line was pretty long for the signing..I actually didn't even get to trade sketches, I was suppose to be in class and Kirby was nice enough to let me cut the line to give them my drawings and snap this photo. It was still nice to meet them for a second. The project is really cool, you should check it out HERE, and buy some raffle tickets for a chance to have Dave and Alex paint in your house just like THIS...

I came home to this CD this weekend. I ordered it from CDbaby which is the weirdest site ever if any of you have used it. But DJ FUNK is hands down my favorite person from Chicago...I have to support him and the chi town juke.
If you have never heard Dj Funk..this image pretty much sums it up.

Movin out!

Kevin was moving out this weekend, we both have lived in the same house our whole lives...I guess we have to grow up eventually and he moved out officially. I will miss him a ton especially since I am moving back in a few weeks. But I figured I would make him some toys as a house warming gift. As a toy artist those closest to you seem to receive them last. I am always too busy with my work to make some for my friends and family but I figured it was the least I could do to say good luck!
138 is our address...also the sweet misfits song as you all know
This might be my favorite paint job to date. Tiny Sam T shirt. I think I might retire Sam...his mold is awful it's really hard to cast him, but every time I'm painting him I have fun probably cause it's really hard to make it look nice so he always comes out looking all fucked up.
Special double pack for a good brother.
The new bachelor pad?
Kev opening his new III figures.
Toy issues
Ballin. Good Luck Kev...I'll miss you.

Blarrgh I got my Mishka bootleg in the mail last week..this guy was the last of my money but I couldn't pass him up.
Now someone just buy me these "ugly" toys please.)

photos stolen from flickr...thanks guys

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pepper Weekend

Went to Rotofugi this weekend for the Hello Brute and Apak show. There was a lot of great work and I got to meet and chat with both artists (well all three). Even got to get my nerdy resin chat on with Jon. (it was great meeting you!)
Here are some photos of the show, Sorry they aren't very good. I dunno what I was thinking, I must have just been so excited by everything going on, or too tired from walking around the city all day.
Heres some photos of Apak's work...

Wish I could have took one of these home..they are great.

oh so tiny.
mini eco systems

Jackie and I took this one home :) Art is affordable when you split it with your lover.

mounted prints

Two great shows in one!
And here's some photos of Jon's work.
senior portraits
I was really excited to see Jon's new resins, but his paintings were really great. I couldn't stop looking at them. I guess I need to start saving up.
Boy Toys
I realized I only took close ups of Pepper..He's defiantly my favorite, I love this character, His sculpt and plush are great!

Dog Boner/ side pipe EXTREME CLOSE UP!

Jackie had a great night! As did I. Thanks Rotofugi, Jon and APAK!
Other stuff...
my desk at school, check out my fancy phone charger.
I got my Hujili in the of my new favorites he's a giant, and loves the out doors.
I took this hello brute print home, print #1/100 woo!