Sunday, March 28, 2010

Natural Livers

Had a busy/crazy weekend but it was a ton of fun. I wish I took more photos than I did but I'll let you know what went on.
I started a 4x4 foot burger king painting for my pop culture class. I took a way different approach than everyone else did. Instead of critiquing pop culture I embraced it with my love for the KING
Thanks to Jackie I had a projector to use which made this project 100 times easier.
Tracing...or cheating, I don't know
I pulled this Jem out of my closet this weekend. I forgot how awesome this shirt was.
Always glossy.
After Day one
Day two, finished. I have some touching up to do still.
Packed up figures...
Odobenus needs a home.

Saturday night I went and saw Hudson Mohawke. It was really awesome I had a blast, sadly I took no photos of the awesomeness. But to give you an idea of what went on you should check out his new music video HERE...

Today (Sunday) I headed back to Bartlett to do some work on this film i have to do for class. When I got home I found out Kev has a GIANT new car. We looked at puppies and bought goldfish.
Wal-Mart #1
Wal-Mart #2

Also got a package from Le Merde this weekend. After I sent him some resins, He sent me these awesome shirts and a Le Turd in return. But I must say the Le Turd he sent me was way nicer looking than the one I bought. Thanks Mike!
Smage Page

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Headers and Monstre Trade

Here are the hand drawn headers I did for the School Sux release.
Mr. Odobenus is still available HERE!
Thanks to those who bought a custom.

I also got some new toys yesterday. I received my package from Monstre Cliff for the trade we did. He sent me two victims, I didn't know these guys were so big. And the way they are made is just amazing. I was lucky to score a slimed victim (on the left) before they released.
Before they were victims. Can't help but think the guy wearing the "3" tank top is me about to get slimed! Thanks Cliff!
Clear mini victim...awesome!
Le Turd up to no good.

Monday, March 22, 2010

School Sux mini toy release.

Tomorrow (3/23/10) School Sux editions of each of my figures will be released in my shop here!
Each figure is painted with a ski mask like many of my drawings. This has been something I wanted to do for a while. I'm sure i will make an actual ski masked figure sometime in the future but for now it was fun just to paint them on. There's only one each so don't sleep on this!
I don't know why they are wearing mask or why they hate school so much but they can't be up to anything good.
Now that I think about it Sam would is probably the only one in school.
Mini skull vest
Ski Mask's need to be altered for Walruses. Their tusk make them hard to put on.

They will be released on Tuesday 3/23/10 at 10AM Chicago Time at the LIVER DIET Shop. They will cost $35 each and come with a hand drawn header.

Spring Break 2010

So this weekend was spring break for me. I actually only had two days off but I stayed home wednesday to enjoy the beautiful weather!
It's warm out again
Bags are Packed for Cancun Spring Break 2010!!!
Spring Break Sag
Wild in Cancun...
This is what my desk looks like while I work on stuff.
I started this huge 4x4 foot painting.
It will look like this! bahahah

So as you can see my spring break got pretty crazy!
I also..
-Attended a Baby Shower
-Booked My Ticket to Haiti in May
And spent as much time as possible with this lovely lady
Sorry guys sometimes I get a little sappy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sleeping all day...

Not too much is going on. My spring break starts tomorrow, So i have a few days off to enjoy our somewhat warm weather here in IL. Here are some pictures of whatever lately.

These are some random sketches I've done lately. Gives you a good look at what I've been into.

And some random images...
I sent these to figures to Cliff from MonstreHero for a trade. He took this great photo of them.
Coffee maker got a make over.
New Hollis From Le Merde!
New release in the shop soon!?
My brother is moving out next month...I will miss his room and his large kozik collection, and tv. Good Luck KDOG

And Thank you Rocco for these...

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I've been listening to way too much WGCI, and getting no sleep. Last week was crazy at school, I had a bunch of stuff due. But it is all over now so I got a week to relax. Also it is getting warm in IL so things are lookin up!
I did this soft sculpture of a giant freak arm for my core class. People liked it for some reason, actually I like it a lot too. I just don't know what to do with it now. Here are some more pictures of it.
gripping the edge so he can squirm to his next destination.
I was asked how he eats since he has no bottom jaw ha.
Tired of being critiqued...
Might do some more drawings based on this guy. I kinda like the idea of these living severed body parts.

Other News...
Today was my moms Birthday. I hope she had an awesome day. I made her this card. I drew it with ink and a brush. We went to her house for dinner and had huge steaks....noice!
Brother and Dog passed out after dinner. (I'm a dog)
Been working on a bunch of customs for some trades. I really like this Sam I did. He's got a stank tooth t-shirt design.
Drooling Odobenus
Stank Tooth Sam
WTF Odobenus (he really doesn't know what he just witnessed but it was messed up!)
Deep Fried Cosmic Pizza Man (with mini skull vest)
The Gang
Ready to be sent to 2 awesome artists.

Here's a few more random pictures...
My weekend room...I'm really starting to miss it.
Photo Booth

Got this clear Steven The Bat good.