Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sam Sickmen & Pizza Man Feb. 5th

Figures are done and ready for release. These characters were built around this idea of these weird dirty creatures/people living in some suburb. They are sculpted crudely and painted messy to fit the style and ideas I had for this line of toys. I worked really hard to make them reflect my art work more. Hope you like them. Feel free to buy them here.

Pizza Man’s Love for pizza is the cause of his lost arm. After a drunken night he ate his pizza so fast he didn’t realize he had eaten half of his arm off. The most tragic part is, he had perfectly good slice in his other hand…Is that pizza sauce or blood on his face? We will never know.

Backside. All 4 pizza men were painted different. They all have a different jackets and other little personal touches.


Jail mate version.

Sam Sickmen is the ugliest kid you will ever see. He chooses to have awful hygiene to hide his parent’s wealth. No matter how bad he smells he still wearing the nice clothes his parents bought him. Sorry Sam you’re not fooling anyone.


complete with dandruff.

nice shoes.

There is a run of 4 for both figures. All hand casted and painted. (no two the same!) All figures will cost $30 +shipping. Each figure comes in a fabric bag and a header card. They will release Friday Feb. 5th at noon (Chicago Time) in my shop HERE.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to school.

Sam's got primed and painted this week, as you can see I broke one. Bottom left is now Sam Sickmen fist pumping.

Pizza Man gets a clear coat.

Bummed out.

New Sam's

Still looks like this here...

Mixing paint with weapons.

Rash Nation, I've had this thing for 2 weeks, I don't even know what it is!

Cortizone (not helping)

Boy Band Pose

Back to school. Exhibit A:

Toys are done and will be released sometime this week! More info soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I need new paint brushes.

Some pictures of whats goin on.

Lots of goodies.

sneak peek of pizza man. I would go on on about his paint job but I'll do that when all of them are done.

Some of my new toys. Just got the orginal Bangal all the way on the right. (payed too much for him on ebay) :(

Smaged all over some new products at yeah. I got a whole new set if only it was warm enough to skate.

reppin ed templeton, hollow kingpins, and nollie inward heels?

Adam Dyet...ahahah green room edition set up. ok ok I know I bought kooky stuff but who cares!?

You guys should all check out Yeah Board Shop's website since my good friend steve owns it.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Here are some pictures from the other night, taken by my lovely girlfriend who gets bored when I'm working on stuff :)

Tired of smage...

Milk Shakes at Dj Dr. Drakes house. AKA Jake.

This is what happens when you don't put enough mold release on am old. You have to pry it apart. It looks awful but it works with lots of tape and rubber bands.


Pizza man gets primed. Painting starts this week.

enjoying awesome IL weather.

Headed to Jackie's house to make the bags for my new release.

We both are pretty bad at sewing but she helped me so much. What would I do with out a great girlfriend?

I'm getting a little better.

Domino did all the folding and cutting. Thanks Dom!

Jackie's wonderful painting, you should look at her photos here.

Shed Till Dead. (by me)

Jackie got bored again.

Finished! So Pizza Man will come in this awesome (p)leather bag to match his vest. It's gonna have some text on the front.

And Sam has a nice blue bag.

That's it, hopefully I can post pictures of the painting process soon. Also would like to thank John at Spankystokes for posting my toys. It's awesome that he is down to post anything.

and I leave you with this awesome video from the Roselle blog.

rocco's music video - get comfy from sk8me3 on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thin Crust

I've been going to bed at 2 or 3 everyday and setting my alarm for 9, trying to get some stuff done. I thought I was on Winter break, oh well once school starts I won't have time to do anything cool or make anything I want so I'm taking advantage of all the free time I have.

I have to thanks ATL Remix and Hudson Mohawke for giving me some awesome Jam's to listen to while I work into the middle of the night.

ATL RMX is some album Adult swim put out with PSP Beaterator game. It was a free download and an awesome album click here for a download link or just listen to the whole thing on their site. It's so great. I love The Dam-Funk track(the last one) it's the best!

And Hudson Mohawke's Butter album. I've been listening to this album non-stop it's so crazy! I can't explain what it sounds like but basically the Album cover sums it up pretty well. Click HERE for his BBC essential mix he did. It has some songs from his Butter album on it, and it's an hour long so you should go listen to it.

Never posted this picture of Pizza man basking in the sun with his sunkist.

My studio space in my laundry room. Ha

Smage, I think fake boobs are made out of this stuff.

I poured my first cast just to see if my mold would work. He had a lot of air bubbles and looked terrible. But basically I didn't make the mold right around his arm bone so I had to start over...(sigh)

bummed out

Pizza man had to go under again. Bout to get smaged.

Pizza Man Mold II.

My laundry room after a week of work. It looks like it rained resin in there. I' sure my dad is thrilled.

Sam Sickmen

Sam 3-d Sam will be my Third release. He'll be coming out the same day as Pizza man.

Ready for sanding and painting...