Monday, December 28, 2009 (Dec. 27th)

DEC. 27th

A day full of regret.

So since Tommy is in town Kev decided to buy him a tattoo for Christmas. He told me he had wanted to get one of my drawings on him for a while so I kinda redrew an old drawing he liked so he could get it on his arm. And for some reason Kev decided to get one too!

The drawings...I drew up Tommy's on Christmas and then spent the next night redraw one for Kev over and over. I never know what I am doing. I hope they liked them. ha

Regretting it already.

Kev washes away his sorrows with some BK.


Done. and psyched. Like Doug said, "You can only get your nipple tattooed once."

Doug's snake Neil wanted to eat me.

Tommy's next. This was his second tattoo, it's been almost three years since his first one. We both got out first tattoos together. I was 16 ha, He's obviously the smart one out of the Erst Boys. He's the only one who isn't quickly covering his whole body. Oh well. DGAF!

Doug works, Tommy dreams of chicken nuggets.

All Done.

The drive home is full of smage.

The Erst Boys celebrate with Portillo's. Kev swims in money while I can't even afford a hot dog. NOICE!

The finished products. Doug did an amazing job, and he's probably the only guy I know that could redraw my drawings so well. If you need a tattoo done you should probably look into going to House of Ink in Wauconda IL Thanks Tommy and Kev for the awesome day it means a lot to me that you guys wanted to do this. I hope you never regret them. Or you do I don't really care to be honest.

-Love Steven

The blogger being blogged. This picture is pretty funny and it's probably exactly what I look like right now as I blog into the early morning. (notice the nice toy collection) (Dec. 26th)

So here is what happen the last two days.
Dec. 26th

Jackie and I went to the Melting Pot since we had some extra cash. This is defiantly are restaurant of choice. These pictures are pretty bad and embarressing but she wanted me to post them so enjoy.

My lovely date.

Some freak.

Jackie lettin' loose.

Jackie and I got the "Big Night Out" it's like a 4 course meal and way to much food. Here's round one. Cheese with bread veggies and apples?

"please stop taking photos of me"

Magic Sauce. taste good on everything!

Meat Platter


I take Jackie to a nice restaurant and all she thinks about is the taco bell she can see in the distance...figures.

Too much food!

"I love romantic comedies."


ahaha oh well a least we had fun!

Revenge for snapping so many pictures of my all the time.

After dinner we went back to my house to rest our stomachs.

Kev picked up this whole set of figures at the mall. Got them all for 10 bucks each. What a steal

We finished off our night watching Beautiful Losers. It was a great film, made me so happy and sad at the same time and reminded me why I do what I do.

Dec. 25 (Nub x-mas 09')

I have fallen way behind on my blogging as usual. So now I am up in the middle of the night trying to catch up with everything going on.

Christmas was great here's some pics of what happened and the gifts I got.

All of the gifts I gave looked like this. I am terrible at wrapping, but at least I can put cute drawings on them.

Kev's gifts were wrapped in these pathetic drawings. He still managed to have a NUB ass Christmas.

Tommy flew in from SF to be with us on Christmas. He got a Mr. Odobenus from me. (I feel bad for him) His header was extra bloody.

Christmas night was spent at my moms. She loves Christmas so her house looked all nice.

My mom also has three dogs. (two greyhounds and a terrier) She got them way too many toys for X-mas as you can see.

Candy cane dog treat as big as her stomach.

One of my many great gifts. And a nice cup of sparkling grape juice to go with it. (NUB!)

For some reason Kev got more Yan Yan's in his stocking. He truly is a yan yan fanatic

"These dix stix needs moar smage!" -Kevin Erst

Well A lot more than that happend on X-mas but I kinda suck a blogging so got to Kev's blog to get all the details on whatever Christmas Events I skipped.

Christmas Loot
I got a lot of toys for Christmas since I can't afford any since I started going to school. So here's some pictures of what I got and some other figures I got recently.

Here's all the Resin I got for Christmas. Well Not All of it. I did get this amazing LeMerde Figure from the Giant Robot Show, but it doesn't ship out to me for a while.

Soon to be mine!

and here's a quick snap shot of the vinyl I got for X-mas. I haven't taken the Buff Monster out of his box yet. I also for the Buff Monster Book.

Here's some pictures of my newer toys.

Hello Brute

Blamo Toys
I've been wanting this guy for a while. He's super heavy for how tiny he is. I love the packaging for this thing. Blamo is doing it right! I wish I could be apart of this project. Make sure to check out their site and the crazy toys they are making, It's defiantly a fresh look to the toy world. (his stomach had a chip on it when I got it...oh well I'll live)

All my New WKY figures. My family is getting huge, I could fill a whole detolf with just Justin's figures. Keep them coming!

Detail shot. I got two Grey Boss's cause I ordered one and then my brother got me one for Christmas. I don't mind though. (sorry to anyone out there looking for one)

Also got this amazing shirt from my girlfriend and so many other great gifts I could show you. But I must move on with my blogging. Thanks for looking.