Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's been pretty shitty lately, but I got some good stuff to post about. I applied for my passport this weekend. It cost way to much money to do that. Anyways I'll be going to Haiti in May with Jackie. It should be a really awesome trip. I can't wait.

Hmm where to start...

Tried to photograph these paintings again, it's almost impossible. I need to learn how to photograph shit. They look really great in person the resin makes them look really shiny. Oh well I guess photos will never do justice. I can only submit 5 pieces for the Under 21: show so I guess I have a bunch of extra work...non of the figures I painted will be in the show I think they will all go out for trades now.

A long time internet friend Jake got a drawing I did for him as a tattoo. It's pretty awesome that he did this. Ha I think it's crazy that people will put my artwork on their body. Although before Jake the only people who have was family. But I really love this it makes me happy.

So awesome.

Here is my weekly haul of goods. Finally got my Le Merde from the GR2 show. Man I love all these a lot!

sneek peak, a some custom's im doing. Well all these are going out for trades so I guess it doesn't matter but I'm really happy with how all of them are coming out. I'll post pictures soon.

Toy Nerd New:
Le Merde has a new figure coming out for his Gargamel show in Japan. I don't even think I will be able to get my hands on one of these but it's pretty amazing. The Hujili sculpt is really funny looking he looks a little more clean cut with a nice hair due. Also the arms and legs are from other Gargamel toys. I think it's a really funny interpretation of Le Merde's sculpts. I need to get this somehow.

And he posted this amazing custom. I'm getting depressed thinking about how I will never own one.

Monday, February 22, 2010


So here is a whole new collection of work I made this month. All this work has been submitted to be in the Art Under 21 show I mentioned before. Lets home at least some of it makes it in.

Getting Ready to try to clear coat these bad boys....

Don't forget your gloves and mask


Smaller resin'd piece


A landscape

Barbie Bitch!

Watercolor a man who may be eating himself

Watercolor a man who may be eating himself 2

Did some resin customs for the show too.

stank skull


Mold Fast Die Young and inhale more resin

Love Steven

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Say AHH!

Busy with school again, but trying to pull some paintings out of my ass along with school work. Blah blah here's some pictures of whats been going on.

I use to draw a lot of stickers, I don't really know why because i never out them in public. But I sent them to a lot of cool people. Anyways this guy I traded with once sent this collab to me to finish. So I drew up the sad walrus. He said he was gonna send it to one of those sticker street art books. Maybe it will make it in?

Some more painting previews of the new set of work I am doing.


more detail.

They are getting there. I want to put an epoxy clear coat on these when they are done but I don't know anything about that shit. I hope I can figure it out.

Doing some toy customs. Even dirtier than the last set.

Today is Valentine's day but I celebrated the day with Jackie yesterday. We got way too much sushi but it ruled. She got me this awesome gift.

This is a rarity, Jackie never buys me toys so I must have been extra good to get this one. I only need the original and I'll have all the David Choe figures.

And my mom got me this...Plenty of inspiration for up coming toys. Now if only I could figure out how to get my Price Bro. set.

Trying to get through another week...

Secret plans :) Good weekend...bummed to be back at school...

Monday, February 8, 2010


I first off want to thank anyone who purchased one of my toys this weekend. Pizza Man actually sold out. Just last summer I was making my first mold thinking it was never going to work. Now I'm sending packages across the U.S It's really awesome and I appreciate the support from everyone that ordered a toy and the resin artist I have been talking to about my work.

These guy's still need a new home. Pick them up HERE.

Pizza Man header cards.

All packed up and ready to go. Thanks guys!

There's a lot of other new stuff going on right now. I have some toys I need to paint up for some trades. I was also asked to submit work in to this Art Under 21 art show in a gallery here in Chicago. Nothing is set in stone but here's some preview shots of the paintings I'm working on for it.

Step #1: get messy

some water colors. I'll give you a scan look at them when I finish the rest of the work for the show.

Lot's of toys to custom! Some for trade some for a show. Also going to paint some one off's for my shop.

Also got this a week or two ago

I rarely do a post with out mentioning Le Merde it seems like. Anyways the Grass Hut show opened up at the 1988 Gallery in LA last week. It has some amazing work I wish I could go there and see it. I wish even more that I could buy something.

One of Le Merde's awesome resins.
To look at the rest of the show go HERE.
Please feel free tobuy me a Le Merde piece