Sunday, June 27, 2010

Multiple Livers

Thanks to Buster Bear I was invited to be a part of this group show downtown. The show was entitled Center Of Multiple Middles. Here's a description of the show that I didn't write...and some pictures from the show.
"This is an experiment in decentralizing the curatorial decision making process and letting an exhibition be formed by the interactions and exchanges that take place within a space. In dissipating the traditional curatorial hierarchy to multiple participants the result is an all-encompassing organism that takes up the entirety of the allotted space. In some instances individual artists are showcased but those areas are blurred through the superimposition of other pieces and melding together of multiple artists works. The participants of this exhibition are a diverse mix of people that range from professional artists, art educators, skaters, art students, a computer programming student, strangers off the street, the mother of one of the artists and the child of another.This space will remain active for the entire length of the exhibition. Some of the participating artists will always be present in the space either adding to the exhibition or creating new work. This exhibition will have several stages of transformation beyond the opening reception and many coordinates where work, activities and intersections may hinge and shift."

The space was an on going project that was changing as artist worked. Many of the artist had been working in the space for about a month. I was invited about two days before the show, so most of my work was made in the few days before the show.
I painted some windows...
and then repainted them...
Buster Bear Building
Face Paintings by Alberto Aguilar
Weapons by Madeleine Aguilar
Artist show
cute busterbear
Main wall of madness
3 canvas pieces and deer by Carl Padvoiski
tape wall by Zach Parsons
Here is some photos of my work.
I did these arm paintings while working in the space.
The space use to be a ritz camera. I got a window display for my work (polaroids not mine)

The show was really great opportunity, I met some awesome people and got re-motivated to make a lot more work. This show will be moving to Harold Washington College in Aug. It will be a new space, same idea. I think I will be doing a large arm paintings for the show but who knows. Thanks Alex and Alberto for giving me a chance to work on this project.

More toys and Summer photos...
Kevin bought a really big toy...

Got the last bootleg I needed and a grease bat tee
Hujili from Le Merde's super 7 show
I just turned 20, it looked like this outside on my birthday
Jake and Jackie "I feel like I got 3-d glasses on"
Black Market art trade. rare 3301 painting
Kev is my biggest art collector, probably because I give it all to him for free.

and because he bought me this awesome Hello Brute figure for my B-day. Pizza man looks like crap next to this beauty. Pepper looks excited to see him!?

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