Monday, November 9, 2009

WKY TOY TALKIE and others.

On Halloween I got an awesome package from WEKILLYOU. He's been holding all of my purchases recently to send them all at once. When I first got into toys I stumbled apon Justin's work and I instantly had to have his ghost boy figure that was coming out. That was last year a little before Halloween, he released 4 figures that month all in a row. Knowing how the whole resin thing works now I find that project extremely ambitious. But besides the fact I bought his toys every week and I still buy every figure he puts out and anything else people are putting up for sale. Here's a picture of my whole collection.

Ha I look at my collection and can't help but think I must be paying Justin's rent just by everything I buy from him, but I find it hard to pass up anything he releases.

WKY band photo shoot.
These are all the new figures I got in my package. I mostly wanted to write to talk about how awesome these guys are. From sculpt to colorways I am really blown away by how good these guys look. Justin's work has only been getting better and better and the style on his newer figures really seem to stick out from anything else resin or vinyl toy artist are doing. Especially in this BLAMO custom he recently did

Justin made this one of a kind "Pumpkadet" custom from two molds. I sent Justin a custom Mr. Odobenus and I was lucky to get this in return. This guy is extremely awesome and I'm so psyched to own it!


WKYxIII Heaviest resin crew ever.

Mummy Broach

I'm gonna have to take a new family photo soon. But you all should go check out WEKILLYOU.NET and buy a shirt or a broach and support this awesome dude.

On the note of toys, heres a little photo of what else I have been picking up with the little cash I have.

I really don't collect much vinyl anymore, but I find Le Merde's Hollis the best toy ever! I think it is mostly the size he's so tiny be looks amazing and the fact that he is only $25 if you can get him from Super 7. The colors are bold and it really captures a Le Merde resin in this little vinyl figure. They are still in their bags cause I'm waiting to get a few more colorways I'm missing. But I had to post a picture cause this toy is awesome. I wish more toy companies would take note in what SUPER 7 is doing, cause their small family figures are killin it! Also on Le Merde, Giant Robot's Biennale went on sale last week. Lots of awesome work from 3 of my favorite toy artist check out the shop...but don't even think about picking up one of those Le Merde Resins...(I'm saving up for one)

One last thing, I've been sketching up for my next releas. Sculpt should be done before thanksgiving (if I can find the time) I plan I doing a bunch of sculpts of some sketches I have and picking a few to cast. Here's two sketches of some characters I'm working on.

Pizza Man!

More updates soon!

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