Monday, November 9, 2009

Booty House Halloween.

Sorry for the "long time no blog" status. I have of course been busy with school and work and all that life stuff. So let me catch you guys up on some stuff.

Last week I was thinking about my good friend Jake, He's been in El Salvador for a few months now. I miss him a lot. He made me this sweet booty house mix tape to listen to before he left.

I felt my walkmen did not do justice to this awesome tape. So I did a little custom to it.

If any one has a sweet walkmen they want me to paint you should hit me up! (but only walkmens...)
(Liver-Diet n' DJ JAKE)
I leave you with a pic of us from 2 years ago. Booty House Ballers '09 droppin 24 karats

I got some images of some school work, I wish I could scan in a few things I've drawn this year but I'll post what I have snapped photos of.

Pen and Watercolor. There is a third drawing to these bu it doesn't fit in my scanner, maybe I'll find some time to go to the big scanner at school and scan it in.

My teacher wanted me to build a pedestal for this instillation I wanted to do. So I did. I'm actually really proud of this thing, I almost didn't want to paint it white. It wobbles a little but I still think this thing alone is the best thing I've ever made!

Art??? Here's pictures of the instillation. Sorry for the bad photos they are from my phone.

Here's some drawings I did based on these short minute long videos I made.

close up

And a sweet doodle page. As you can see my inspiration doesn't show through very much in my school work. I'm really diggin' the bad to the bone drawing. Jail tat worthy...Rocco?

I know Halloween was a while ago but I figured I'd post a few pictures from that weekend.

Kev's kozik collection has become so large that he is now officially a box hoarder..(ouch)

Kev has most of my doodles. 3-d action on the bottom right (WTF)

Dry Bones getting Spooky

Jackie not as spooky for some reason...

Jackie made a cute shark. We were Eagle Vs. Shark but I don't have a group shot of us.

True Hoarder BusterBear BB

And Ben had my stickers all of their house so that was sweet!

Thanks stay tuned! for Nerdy toy boi stuff

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