Sunday, August 29, 2010

Steven Erst Updates:

Always falling behind on my updates, but life is been good lately. Here's some photos of what's going on, and what's to come. For Liver Diet Nation.

Toxic Catalyst
Here are some photos from the Toxic Catalyst show curated by Montre Hero and hosted at Super 7.

The show looked great, and I can't thank Cliff, Sean and anyone who bought my pieces means the world to me.

Now that this is months old I'm just gonna post some pictures of whatelse is going on. More art and projects coming up stay tuned please!
I adopted Sammie, he's 3 years old and adorable
My desk right now
Got to do some window paintings for a show at College in the Loop
The windows were on the second floor, you could see them great from the L-train, it was pretty awesome.
The most expensive thing I ever bought.

much more to come now that I am caught up with my life!

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