Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mr. Odobenus version 1

Mr. Odobenus was a summer long project and my first resin figure. He will be up for sale this week.

Some amateur sketches, before i started sculpting. It took me two different attempts to sculpt a figure that was easy enough to cast.

Odobenus is a series of 6 figures. Two Black Metal editions and 4 original versions. Both hand painted with acrylics and given a nice shiny clear coat.


front, side

back, and other side.

Black Metal

You get the point.

Mr. Odobenus will be release tomorrow 10/5/09. He will be $35 dollars and comes with a bag and header. You can purchase him here at my online shop

Thanks for looking and an even bigger thanks to anyone who buys one!

I'd Also like to thank Spanky Stokes for showing support and posting about me.

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