Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lots of Updates

Last weekend I smashed a bunch of stuff for a video project in my core class.

This is the only pose I do for pictures. (goth '09)
And here's the video I made for class.

Smash from steven erst on Vimeo.

Went home to work on my first resin figures, they are all painted and should be ready to be put online soon! Also came home to my Arbito custom from the Super 7 show.

Amazing resin figures, check out Arbito's work.
But, back to my figures,

Painted figures got ready for a nice shiny coat

getting coated.

sneak peek.

Found time to go to House Of Ink and work on my arm

A tree stump, inspired by Mark Dion, Neukom Vivarium instillation at Olympic Sculpture park, I've been learning a lot about Mark's work in my sculpture class and I really like his work. Here's a short video about the piece.

and I got a sweet dagger to stay tough (sorry mom, I LOVE YOU)

Well I guess that's it for now. Will be posting an official post for my Walrus figure this week, with some close ups and sketches and what not. Also some more work from school soon. Thanks

also kev owes my $20

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