Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sam Sickmen & Pizza Man Feb. 5th

Figures are done and ready for release. These characters were built around this idea of these weird dirty creatures/people living in some suburb. They are sculpted crudely and painted messy to fit the style and ideas I had for this line of toys. I worked really hard to make them reflect my art work more. Hope you like them. Feel free to buy them here.

Pizza Man’s Love for pizza is the cause of his lost arm. After a drunken night he ate his pizza so fast he didn’t realize he had eaten half of his arm off. The most tragic part is, he had perfectly good slice in his other hand…Is that pizza sauce or blood on his face? We will never know.

Backside. All 4 pizza men were painted different. They all have a different jackets and other little personal touches.


Jail mate version.

Sam Sickmen is the ugliest kid you will ever see. He chooses to have awful hygiene to hide his parent’s wealth. No matter how bad he smells he still wearing the nice clothes his parents bought him. Sorry Sam you’re not fooling anyone.


complete with dandruff.

nice shoes.

There is a run of 4 for both figures. All hand casted and painted. (no two the same!) All figures will cost $30 +shipping. Each figure comes in a fabric bag and a header card. They will release Friday Feb. 5th at noon (Chicago Time) in my shop HERE.

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