Saturday, January 23, 2010

I need new paint brushes.

Some pictures of whats goin on.

Lots of goodies.

sneak peek of pizza man. I would go on on about his paint job but I'll do that when all of them are done.

Some of my new toys. Just got the orginal Bangal all the way on the right. (payed too much for him on ebay) :(

Smaged all over some new products at yeah. I got a whole new set if only it was warm enough to skate.

reppin ed templeton, hollow kingpins, and nollie inward heels?

Adam Dyet...ahahah green room edition set up. ok ok I know I bought kooky stuff but who cares!?

You guys should all check out Yeah Board Shop's website since my good friend steve owns it.

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