Monday, January 18, 2010


Here are some pictures from the other night, taken by my lovely girlfriend who gets bored when I'm working on stuff :)

Tired of smage...

Milk Shakes at Dj Dr. Drakes house. AKA Jake.

This is what happens when you don't put enough mold release on am old. You have to pry it apart. It looks awful but it works with lots of tape and rubber bands.


Pizza man gets primed. Painting starts this week.

enjoying awesome IL weather.

Headed to Jackie's house to make the bags for my new release.

We both are pretty bad at sewing but she helped me so much. What would I do with out a great girlfriend?

I'm getting a little better.

Domino did all the folding and cutting. Thanks Dom!

Jackie's wonderful painting, you should look at her photos here.

Shed Till Dead. (by me)

Jackie got bored again.

Finished! So Pizza Man will come in this awesome (p)leather bag to match his vest. It's gonna have some text on the front.

And Sam has a nice blue bag.

That's it, hopefully I can post pictures of the painting process soon. Also would like to thank John at Spankystokes for posting my toys. It's awesome that he is down to post anything.

and I leave you with this awesome video from the Roselle blog.

rocco's music video - get comfy from sk8me3 on Vimeo.

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