Monday, February 8, 2010


I first off want to thank anyone who purchased one of my toys this weekend. Pizza Man actually sold out. Just last summer I was making my first mold thinking it was never going to work. Now I'm sending packages across the U.S It's really awesome and I appreciate the support from everyone that ordered a toy and the resin artist I have been talking to about my work.

These guy's still need a new home. Pick them up HERE.

Pizza Man header cards.

All packed up and ready to go. Thanks guys!

There's a lot of other new stuff going on right now. I have some toys I need to paint up for some trades. I was also asked to submit work in to this Art Under 21 art show in a gallery here in Chicago. Nothing is set in stone but here's some preview shots of the paintings I'm working on for it.

Step #1: get messy

some water colors. I'll give you a scan look at them when I finish the rest of the work for the show.

Lot's of toys to custom! Some for trade some for a show. Also going to paint some one off's for my shop.

Also got this a week or two ago

I rarely do a post with out mentioning Le Merde it seems like. Anyways the Grass Hut show opened up at the 1988 Gallery in LA last week. It has some amazing work I wish I could go there and see it. I wish even more that I could buy something.

One of Le Merde's awesome resins.
To look at the rest of the show go HERE.
Please feel free tobuy me a Le Merde piece

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  1. really digging those watercolors. can't wait to see the scans.
    i also can't wait to see the one-offs that pop up in your shop.

    congrats on the sales.