Sunday, February 14, 2010

Say AHH!

Busy with school again, but trying to pull some paintings out of my ass along with school work. Blah blah here's some pictures of whats been going on.

I use to draw a lot of stickers, I don't really know why because i never out them in public. But I sent them to a lot of cool people. Anyways this guy I traded with once sent this collab to me to finish. So I drew up the sad walrus. He said he was gonna send it to one of those sticker street art books. Maybe it will make it in?

Some more painting previews of the new set of work I am doing.


more detail.

They are getting there. I want to put an epoxy clear coat on these when they are done but I don't know anything about that shit. I hope I can figure it out.

Doing some toy customs. Even dirtier than the last set.

Today is Valentine's day but I celebrated the day with Jackie yesterday. We got way too much sushi but it ruled. She got me this awesome gift.

This is a rarity, Jackie never buys me toys so I must have been extra good to get this one. I only need the original and I'll have all the David Choe figures.

And my mom got me this...Plenty of inspiration for up coming toys. Now if only I could figure out how to get my Price Bro. set.

Trying to get through another week...

Secret plans :) Good weekend...bummed to be back at school...

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