Sunday, February 28, 2010


It's been pretty shitty lately, but I got some good stuff to post about. I applied for my passport this weekend. It cost way to much money to do that. Anyways I'll be going to Haiti in May with Jackie. It should be a really awesome trip. I can't wait.

Hmm where to start...

Tried to photograph these paintings again, it's almost impossible. I need to learn how to photograph shit. They look really great in person the resin makes them look really shiny. Oh well I guess photos will never do justice. I can only submit 5 pieces for the Under 21: show so I guess I have a bunch of extra work...non of the figures I painted will be in the show I think they will all go out for trades now.

A long time internet friend Jake got a drawing I did for him as a tattoo. It's pretty awesome that he did this. Ha I think it's crazy that people will put my artwork on their body. Although before Jake the only people who have was family. But I really love this it makes me happy.

So awesome.

Here is my weekly haul of goods. Finally got my Le Merde from the GR2 show. Man I love all these a lot!

sneek peak, a some custom's im doing. Well all these are going out for trades so I guess it doesn't matter but I'm really happy with how all of them are coming out. I'll post pictures soon.

Toy Nerd New:
Le Merde has a new figure coming out for his Gargamel show in Japan. I don't even think I will be able to get my hands on one of these but it's pretty amazing. The Hujili sculpt is really funny looking he looks a little more clean cut with a nice hair due. Also the arms and legs are from other Gargamel toys. I think it's a really funny interpretation of Le Merde's sculpts. I need to get this somehow.

And he posted this amazing custom. I'm getting depressed thinking about how I will never own one.

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