Saturday, March 6, 2010


I've been listening to way too much WGCI, and getting no sleep. Last week was crazy at school, I had a bunch of stuff due. But it is all over now so I got a week to relax. Also it is getting warm in IL so things are lookin up!
I did this soft sculpture of a giant freak arm for my core class. People liked it for some reason, actually I like it a lot too. I just don't know what to do with it now. Here are some more pictures of it.
gripping the edge so he can squirm to his next destination.
I was asked how he eats since he has no bottom jaw ha.
Tired of being critiqued...
Might do some more drawings based on this guy. I kinda like the idea of these living severed body parts.

Other News...
Today was my moms Birthday. I hope she had an awesome day. I made her this card. I drew it with ink and a brush. We went to her house for dinner and had huge steaks....noice!
Brother and Dog passed out after dinner. (I'm a dog)
Been working on a bunch of customs for some trades. I really like this Sam I did. He's got a stank tooth t-shirt design.
Drooling Odobenus
Stank Tooth Sam
WTF Odobenus (he really doesn't know what he just witnessed but it was messed up!)
Deep Fried Cosmic Pizza Man (with mini skull vest)
The Gang
Ready to be sent to 2 awesome artists.

Here's a few more random pictures...
My weekend room...I'm really starting to miss it.
Photo Booth

Got this clear Steven The Bat good.

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