Sunday, March 28, 2010

Natural Livers

Had a busy/crazy weekend but it was a ton of fun. I wish I took more photos than I did but I'll let you know what went on.
I started a 4x4 foot burger king painting for my pop culture class. I took a way different approach than everyone else did. Instead of critiquing pop culture I embraced it with my love for the KING
Thanks to Jackie I had a projector to use which made this project 100 times easier.
Tracing...or cheating, I don't know
I pulled this Jem out of my closet this weekend. I forgot how awesome this shirt was.
Always glossy.
After Day one
Day two, finished. I have some touching up to do still.
Packed up figures...
Odobenus needs a home.

Saturday night I went and saw Hudson Mohawke. It was really awesome I had a blast, sadly I took no photos of the awesomeness. But to give you an idea of what went on you should check out his new music video HERE...

Today (Sunday) I headed back to Bartlett to do some work on this film i have to do for class. When I got home I found out Kev has a GIANT new car. We looked at puppies and bought goldfish.
Wal-Mart #1
Wal-Mart #2

Also got a package from Le Merde this weekend. After I sent him some resins, He sent me these awesome shirts and a Le Turd in return. But I must say the Le Turd he sent me was way nicer looking than the one I bought. Thanks Mike!
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