Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Gus

Gus made it out to San Diego with me. I handed out a few of him at Comic Con and of course I wish I took pictures of everyone holding him but I totally forgot. But John Spanky Stokes posted a nice picture of his on his blog. So here's a few more pictures of him now that he is revealed.
Gus Knuckles
Gus made it to San Diego, he loves catching some rays
Flying Gus
I'm waiting to get all my tools to air brush this guy but I was going crazy not knowing what he would look like painted. So I just went at him with every kinda of paint I had. He doesn't look great but I must admit he looks pretty creepy. The picture above proves my point.
Spray paint feet.
Secret 1 off release!
Goes home with Kev... since he is on the special Brother guest list.
And I cleaned my new studio :) Don't mind the gameboy

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