Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First post!

Starting a blog for my art and adventures, also updates on any resin figure work I do.

I started college this week so i haven't had too much time for posting and working on my stuff, but here are some pictures of the move in and my first resin figure in a quick summary.

Last week I made my first cast of the figure,

My first figure was based of the walrus character I draw a lot, the mold is far from perfect but I
was happy getting a couple figures made
First cast made, poured way to much resin, just had some sanding to do.

So I spent the rest of last weekend casting and painting some figures and working on some paintings for a small art show in my friends apartment.

69 bros and some casts,

first two painted, black metal style.

I'm starting my first year at SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) I just moved into the dorms right in the loop.

my parents helped me move in, I have to climb a ladder to my bed, it's pretty awesome.

Hung up some art at my friends place.

Thanks for looking, here is a proto type pic of the figures,
I hope ot have a full shot of them this weekend.
It will be a set of 6, two black metal and 4 in a more original colorway.

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  1. You are very creative. I love the different types of art that you showcase on your blog. You seem to have a great eclectic style. Keep it up.
    Check out my blog if you want.

    Comments and a follow would be greatly appreciated. =D