Monday, September 14, 2009

Shaved Head

I've been really busy with school, actually I still am, I should be doing homework right now. But I thought I'd post some pictures so I don't fall too far behind on my blogging.

Some detail shots from my paintings.

waiting to be painted, wish I had time to finish them! (check out the awesome view from my window...a nice brick wall)

I might have had a little bit of time to work on them. (1/4) You can see the rest in the back ground waiting...

New Dry Bones Nation stickers are done. My brother let me draw the design for the new batch and he even let me keep some. Check out the Dry Bones Blog for more hi-jinx than Shake Junt (one of my favorite sites to visit)

Also: Got these two Makkinoso Figures from Double Punch Gallery.

and here is Kdogkev's impressive Kozik Army Man collection...

$600 dollars down the drain KICK ASS!

More Updates next weekend!

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