Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freaky Freakiness

Happy Easter to all of yall. I hope you got real Freaky This weekend!... Here's what I did, sorta. And I even have some actually art news for any fans at the bottom!
I finally got my palm pre fixed. I forgot how much I liked my phone because it hasn't worked right since the first month I got it. But I got a new one and it looks all nice. I hooked it up with this awesome hollis background.
Late Night Freaky stuff
I got these new VANS to rock with my SKINNIES
but really these shoes are too good!

I spent Saturday night staying up all night looking for pictures from the new Gargamel Show at Super7..These three figures were new sculpts released at the show. I really like them especially the fantastic planet sculpt on the right. His name is Drunk Seijin sculpted by Katope
So good!
can you see the resemblance?

Here is a picture from the show. Gargamel comes to Rotofugi in December. The show will be just as crazy and really awesome. So someone better come wait in line with me in December!
Click HERE for more pictures and info if you care?

Here are the first shots of the my newest sculpt. I think his name is Freaky Mike. I had a lot of fun making this guy and really had no idea what he would look like in the end.
Born hairy and lumpy
Back Fat

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