Friday, December 25, 2009

NUB pregame.

I left the SAIC dorms and headed back to Bartlett for X-mas Break

Good Bye desk. No more homework for a month!

Allon and I had to clean up before we left so our room looks really nice...I mean NOICE!

Back at home Kev loves his Yan-Yans

"You put the Smage on the dix stix" -Kevin Erst

Kev pre-gaming for Christmas in his dope gear.

I didn't want to be in Art History.

Heres a few more photos from my sculpture class critiques.

Wire Sculpture

Detail 1

Detail 2

I made these masks based on our "second skin" assignment. They were made so that the person wearing the mask could still be seen and identified but the person wearing it would feel hidden in front of an audience.

My class wanted me to wear them while I presented which was awesome. My sculpture teacher took all these pictures so I thank him for them. This last one came out super creepy.

X-mas post coming soon.

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