Monday, December 28, 2009 (Dec. 27th)

DEC. 27th

A day full of regret.

So since Tommy is in town Kev decided to buy him a tattoo for Christmas. He told me he had wanted to get one of my drawings on him for a while so I kinda redrew an old drawing he liked so he could get it on his arm. And for some reason Kev decided to get one too!

The drawings...I drew up Tommy's on Christmas and then spent the next night redraw one for Kev over and over. I never know what I am doing. I hope they liked them. ha

Regretting it already.

Kev washes away his sorrows with some BK.


Done. and psyched. Like Doug said, "You can only get your nipple tattooed once."

Doug's snake Neil wanted to eat me.

Tommy's next. This was his second tattoo, it's been almost three years since his first one. We both got out first tattoos together. I was 16 ha, He's obviously the smart one out of the Erst Boys. He's the only one who isn't quickly covering his whole body. Oh well. DGAF!

Doug works, Tommy dreams of chicken nuggets.

All Done.

The drive home is full of smage.

The Erst Boys celebrate with Portillo's. Kev swims in money while I can't even afford a hot dog. NOICE!

The finished products. Doug did an amazing job, and he's probably the only guy I know that could redraw my drawings so well. If you need a tattoo done you should probably look into going to House of Ink in Wauconda IL Thanks Tommy and Kev for the awesome day it means a lot to me that you guys wanted to do this. I hope you never regret them. Or you do I don't really care to be honest.

-Love Steven

The blogger being blogged. This picture is pretty funny and it's probably exactly what I look like right now as I blog into the early morning. (notice the nice toy collection)

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