Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec. 25 (Nub x-mas 09')

I have fallen way behind on my blogging as usual. So now I am up in the middle of the night trying to catch up with everything going on.

Christmas was great here's some pics of what happened and the gifts I got.

All of the gifts I gave looked like this. I am terrible at wrapping, but at least I can put cute drawings on them.

Kev's gifts were wrapped in these pathetic drawings. He still managed to have a NUB ass Christmas.

Tommy flew in from SF to be with us on Christmas. He got a Mr. Odobenus from me. (I feel bad for him) His header was extra bloody.

Christmas night was spent at my moms. She loves Christmas so her house looked all nice.

My mom also has three dogs. (two greyhounds and a terrier) She got them way too many toys for X-mas as you can see.

Candy cane dog treat as big as her stomach.

One of my many great gifts. And a nice cup of sparkling grape juice to go with it. (NUB!)

For some reason Kev got more Yan Yan's in his stocking. He truly is a yan yan fanatic

"These dix stix needs moar smage!" -Kevin Erst

Well A lot more than that happend on X-mas but I kinda suck a blogging so got to Kev's blog to get all the details on whatever Christmas Events I skipped.

Christmas Loot
I got a lot of toys for Christmas since I can't afford any since I started going to school. So here's some pictures of what I got and some other figures I got recently.

Here's all the Resin I got for Christmas. Well Not All of it. I did get this amazing LeMerde Figure from the Giant Robot Show, but it doesn't ship out to me for a while.

Soon to be mine!

and here's a quick snap shot of the vinyl I got for X-mas. I haven't taken the Buff Monster out of his box yet. I also for the Buff Monster Book.

Here's some pictures of my newer toys.

Hello Brute

Blamo Toys
I've been wanting this guy for a while. He's super heavy for how tiny he is. I love the packaging for this thing. Blamo is doing it right! I wish I could be apart of this project. Make sure to check out their site and the crazy toys they are making, It's defiantly a fresh look to the toy world. (his stomach had a chip on it when I got it...oh well I'll live)

All my New WKY figures. My family is getting huge, I could fill a whole detolf with just Justin's figures. Keep them coming!

Detail shot. I got two Grey Boss's cause I ordered one and then my brother got me one for Christmas. I don't mind though. (sorry to anyone out there looking for one)

Also got this amazing shirt from my girlfriend and so many other great gifts I could show you. But I must move on with my blogging. Thanks for looking.

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