Sunday, December 6, 2009


My first semester is coming to an end, and I have WAY to much work to do. Anyways I always give Kev crap about updating his blog. Then he told me I have to room to talk since I never update...and he's right. So this one goes out to kev, a mini update before I get down to business this week with some final school work for the semester.

Tj sent me mail a few weeks ago. It had a sweet envelope full of all my favorite things. (ahah can you spot the dick pizza?) I had to scratch out our address so you don't send us hate mail..or anthrax.

Art? Oh no we just never throw out our recycling...LULZ!

I drew on a jar for kev a few weeks ago. He never sent me a picture so here's a bad photo I took. I'll get a better one soon.

sketches for an upcoming sculpture project...

and here is my nice list of work I need to do in the next two weeks.

I also scanned in some drawings I've done recently. I was gonna make them into a zine call "Sucks to Be You" but I'm lazy so I'll just post them on my blog. (feel free to tumble them, steal them, put them on shirts, and get them as tattoos, you can even claim them as your own drawings! IDK)

sick tribal bro!

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